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COVID-19 Songbook: The Hard Rock Resistance

COVID-19 Songbook: The Hard Rock Resistance 1

Feeling less than optimistic about America’s future under the Biden regime? Virginia was nice, but a center-right nation founded in freedom has a long way to go to extricate itself from this madness. The Democrats are entrenched, at least for the time being, and are evermore aggressively grasping at the levers of power. They will stop at nothing to keep Virginia from happening again.

But it will happen again. Even if the left wanted to change course right now and pull a Dick Morris-esque Clintonian pivot away from communism, it’s too late. The direction set in motion by their incompetency and subversion cannot be corrected. The results of their actions and inactions will continue to mortify the flesh of the body politic right up to conservatism’s best chance for a course correction, 2022, and a retrieval of the reins of governance.

Hard rock and heavy metal can’t help with the policymaking. But three recent releases by seminal rockers provide anthems for those inclined to resist accompanied by a thunderous soundtrack. Recording artists can frame the big picture, lift spirits, and renew the will to fight.

And so, we highlight three new anthems released since the onset of the Democrats’ opportunistic, infectious, strategic new calling card, COVID-19.

Ted Nugent “Come And Take It”

Conservatives tuned into a recent segment of Newsmax host Eric Bolling’s new show, The Balance, were treated to something from Ted Nugent that was music to their ears. No, it wasn’t yowling riffage from Nuge’s masterpiece, “Stranglehold,” or flashback licks from his biggest hit, “Cat Scratch Fever.”

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It was Ted Nugent the commentator, saying simply that American patriots aren’t going to “lower their expectations,” fold their tents, or submit to despair in the face of an un-American governmental coup. Nugent waxed optimistic, talking about his new album and the “best hunting season he’s had in a long time.” Ted’s overarching message was that we’ll get through this, and in the meantime, life must be enjoyed.

It’s a great message. Here’s Ted’s companion message, from new album Detroit Muscle:

AC-DC “No Man’s Land”

No man’s land indeed. Especially, dare we say, for a white man?

This mofo kicks ass in classic Brian Johnson/Angus Young style, with compelling vocals, a dinosaur back-beat, and saturation-bomb guitar layers, striking to the very heart of empire.

COVID descended and laid waste in ways (many unrelated to the actual viral effect) that historians will ponder for decades. Right in the middle of it all, the Australian masters released the album Power Up, fired one across the bow of the contextual ship of state, and heralded a return from the fields of contagion.

Check out “No Man’s Land” over on YouTube.

U.D.O. “Metal Never Dies”

Metalheads have heard it all. From the slow death of Celtic Frost to the over-the-top of Iron Maiden’s “Trooper.” They know every permutation of every riff, every derivative of every great anthem. Every now and then, though, something comes along that is new and yet of the ages.

And it is agreed: This is what we want.

“Back when I took my first breath
The days were dark and grey
No belief, no hope, all had nothing to say”

Envision being born in West Germany in 1952, the cities of the former Reich still in ruins. President Kennedy’s Soviet-busting airlift to save Berliners from starvation was in recent memory. Imagine coming of age, as Vocalist Udo Dirkschneider did, with the Cold War looming over the back porch.

The former Accept frontman has broken through, in the dying throes of a Chinese-cooked virus, with a new album, Game Over. In concert with contemporary releases from Nugent and AC-DC, it delivers big league, announcing that hard rock is not dead and affirming the advice of sages down through the centuries:

‘Nil carborundum illegitimi’. 

For those in Rio Linda (thanks, Rush!), that means “Don’t let the bastards get you down.”

Watch the official music video for “Metal Never Dies”

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