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Cop Who Refused to Enforce Unconstitutional Coronavirus Edicts May Be Fired

Cop Who Refused to Enforce Unconstitutional Coronavirus
Edicts May Be Fired 1

Seattle Police Officer Greg Anderson went viral across social media after he made a video bashing the unconstitutional nature of many coronavirus arrests, noting that there is no law that would allow police to arrest citizens for going to church, playing with their children in public, or running a home business, and cautioning fellow officers across the country to refuse to enforce such laws. He may now be fired for his video.

In his 8-minute video, Anderson directs his remarks at other police officers, and notes that there is no constitutional law that would allow police to arrest people for mundane tasks that governors and mayors have now de facto made illegal due to the pandemic.

“As a police officer I’m compelled to make this video,” said Anderson. “I’m speaking to my peers.”

Later in the video, Anderson said, “I’ve seen officers nationwide enforcing tyrannical orders against the people. And I’m hoping it’s a minority of officers, but I’m not sure anymore, because every time I turn on the television, every time I look to the Internet, I’m seeing people arrested or cited for going to church, for traveling on the roadways, for going surfing, opening their businesses, going to the park with their families, or doing nails out of their own house, using their own house a place of business.”

“Charge them with what? With a crime? I don’t know what crime people are committing by doing nails in their own house, but we’re seeing this more and more and more, and we need to start looking at ourselves as officers, and thinking, ‘Is what I’m doing right?”

Anderson also notes that regardless of what viewers may personally believe about the coronavirus, there is no legal standing for many of the actions taken by mayors and governors.

Only days after posting the video to social media, according to a GoFundMe, the Port of Seattle Police began the process of terminating Anderson’s employment, as it considered the video inappropriate.

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According to a GoFundMe set up for Anderson’s legal expenses in fighting the termination:

He recently made a video urging officers to stand for liberty and integrity, the video has gone viral and has been positively received across the nation. You can view the video below. His department the Port of Seattle Police is in the process of termination as the video was deemed a violation of policy. I am attempting to raise funds for them as they are going to seek legal representation and to help cover any costs that the unforeseen future brings during this drastic change in their lives. Thank you for your kind words and support.

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