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Biden: “Coronavirus Is Helping My Numbers”

Biden: "Coronavirus Is Helping My Numbers" 1

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday that the coronavirus has ‘helped’ his campaign.

When asked if the virus spread had hurt his campaign, Biden said “Based on the polling data, it’s helped me.”

He took a swipe at President Trump, adding “The more he speaks, the more my numbers go up.”

“I’m not being facetious.” Biden added.

Imagine the meltdown that would ensue if Trump said this.

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In the rest of the spluttering segment, Biden had to literally pause for a second to recall the number 13 and it’s difference from the number 3.

He also mixed up ABC News with ‘Face The Nation’, a show on CBS News.

Full interview here:

Let it sink in, the man who is the only Democratic candidate left in the race literally cannot recall two digit numbers without wracking his brain.

And he wants to be President?

It’s repeated odd comments and scatterbrained performances like this that has led normally left leaning Americans to conclude that if the option is Biden or Trump, they’ll go with Trump.

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