Americans Across the Nation Are Drawing a Hard Line, Starting in the City Where George Floyd Died

Americans Across the Nation Are Drawing a Hard Line,
Starting in the City Where George Floyd Died 1

Tuesday night’s election results proved that President Joe Biden is in fact a uniting leader. At least, that is the case in so far as his ability to unite others against him.

After less than 10 months of Biden’s leadership, a massive red wave swept across state and local elections Tuesday.

Education and culture issues seemed to be big policy winners for Republicans. However, the Democratic effort that took perhaps the biggest hit was the left’s anti-police agenda.

Americans voting in elections across the country rejected anti-cop candidates and policies.

In Minneapolis, voters struck down a proposed charter amendment that would have completely replaced the Midwestern city’s police department with a “public safety agency.”


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According to KMSP-TV, 57 percent of voters voted “no” on the plan compared with 43 percent who voted “yes.”

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In Seattle, the city known for hosting the lawless Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone/Capitol Hill Organized Protest last year, Republican Ann Davidson held a commanding lead Wednesday over her opponent, police abolitionist Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, in the race for city attorney, according to The Seattle Times.

During the unrest that occurred in Seattle throughout 2020, Thomas-Kennedy tweeted about her “rabid hatred of the police” and asserted that racial justice rioters’ destruction of property during the demonstrations was a “moral imperative.”

As of Tuesday morning, Davidson maintained a lead of 58 percent to Thomas-Kennedy’s 41 percent, according to the Times.

Is the “defund the police” movement a losing strategy for Democrats?

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On the East Coast, it appeared that Democrat Byron Brown was going to lose his job as mayor of Buffalo, New York, when democratic socialist candidate India Walton won the party’s primary election in June.

However, Brown ended up winning his fifth term Tuesday after entering the general election race as a write-in candidate, according to WIVB-TV.

The two candidates had clashed over their approach to police reform, with Walton taking sides with Black Lives Matter and the “defund the police” movement.

“We have an opponent that was engaged in protests that were laden with profanities, with a bullhorn to her mouth, shouting how she wanted to defund our police,” Brown said, according to The Buffalo News.

Furthermore, Brown’s team put out a campaign advertisement featuring Buffalo police officers condemning Walton’s anti-police policies.


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Americans don’t want anarchy. It’s really as simple as that.

As long as left-wing candidates continue to promote policies meant to defund and abolish police departments, reasonable Americans from across the political spectrum will continue to vote against them.

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