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Amazon Becomes Largest Retailer in U.S. to End Mandatory Masks

Amazon Becomes Largest Retailer in U.S. to End Mandatory
Masks 1

Amazon announced on Wednesday that will it life its mandate on Monday, May 24, that workers wear face masks inside warehouses, except where required by law. The workers must first verify they are fully vaccinated, the company noted in an update posted online.

Vaccine information must be uploaded by the workers on an internal employee portal. CNBC noted that Amazon has been pushing to get employees vaccinated since March, when it began opening on-site vaccination clinics at select warehouses.

The new rule goes into effect on Monday for employees in the U.S. unless state or local regulations require workers to continue wearing masks. Along with uploading proof of vaccinations, employees must also be 14 or more days past their final dose of vaccines for Pfizer or Moderna, or single dose for Johnson & Johnson.

The company’s website includes a list of warehouse sites where the new rule does not apply due to local laws. It also notes: “All visitors must continue to wear face coverings as required by Amazon safety procedures.”

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Amazon announced on Wednesday that its factory workers will no longer be required to wear masks if they are fully vaccinated. Above, the company’s regional headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, on October 28, 2018.
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