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Trump Tax Returns And COVID-19 Surges: Views From HuffPost Readers

Trump Tax Returns And COVID-19 Surges: Views From HuffPost
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“What some people don’t get is that it isn’t ALL about the party, it is also about dignity, about caring for this country, about our position on the world stage, about our institutions, and about RESPECT!”

— Sally Mellor

“Well he does only like the veterans that like him. All others he puts down.”

— Michael Rosete

“It’s only a matter of time before Trump loses his appeal but my question is who is paying the bills in the meantime?”

— Max Lamont

“At this point it doesn’t matter. All of the obstruction is proof of criminal activity.” 

— Christina Buck

“Life as we knew it a year ago is over, permanently.  We need to start getting used to masks and social distancing, because that’s how things are gonna be from now on.”

— Brett Howard

“American culture of selfish individualism is the real pandemic.”

— DG

“This decision is shortsighted, evil and ill-advised.  Cultural sensitivity classes, if handled correctly, can be very beneficial in our workplaces and our society.”

— J McCoy

“Diversity training has been going on for decades in government jobs. This is just a blatant pitch to his racist base.”

— Barbara Cassidy

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