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‘RHONY’ star Leah McSweeney posts anti-workouts in quarantine

‘RHONY’ star Leah McSweeney posts anti-workouts in quarantine 1

“Real Housewives of New York” newbie Leah McSweeney has been sharing “anti-influencer” fitness videos to keep herself motivated and inspire those who are struggling to stay active while in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I just started posting these little work out videos to help me motivate myself to work out,” McSweeney, 37, exclusively told Page Six. “I called them ‘anti-influencer’ workouts because I am not a fitness influencer nor do I care to be.”

In her videos, McSweeney practices different stretches to keep her body limber — even if she’s feeling lazy. She also incorporates yoga positions such as “Warrior II” and “Downward Dog” to work on balance and breathing.

The reality star refers to the routines as “non-workout workouts” and made clear that she doesn’t think of herself as an actual fitness influencer.

“I’m not a professional,” she told us. “I’m just a regular chick trying to not let herself go during the quarantine.”

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