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Coronavirus in Colorado, April 10: A look at the latest updates on COVID-19

Coronavirus in Colorado, April 10: A look at the latest updates on COVID-19 1

The new tallies of confirmed cases and deaths linked to the novel coronavirus in Colorado released Thursday seemed to indicate a significant spike in new cases, however, officials cautioned that some of the increase in the data was due to older cases being added to earlier dates.

As of Friday morning, Colorado had 226 confirmed deaths and more than 6,200 confirmed cases linked to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the economic fallout continued to deepen, as state lawmakers said they are bracing for up to a $3 billion hit to state coffers. On the job front, an additional 6.6 million people filed for unemployment benefits in the U.S., including 46,000 in Colorado. We have more information and resources on unemployment benefits and how to apply in Colorado here.

The virus’ impact on the everyday lives of Coloradans, of course, continues as well, with virtual Easter egg hunts popping up, and new advice on what to do (and not do) with your hair now that salons are all closed.

Remember, all Coloradans have been asked to wear non-medical masks when outside their homes to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Want to know how to make one? There’s plenty of ideas floating around in our coronavirus-focused Facebook group.

We are also looking to hear from you. Tell us what the coronavirus outbreak looks like for you and submit your story here.

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