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WellBefore NIOSH certified N95 masks are affordable and effective

WellBefore NIOSH certified N95 masks are affordable and
effective 1

Protection against viruses shouldn’t cost a pretty penny.

That’s why WellBefore, an online marketplace for masks, PPE and other important medical products, is making highly effective NIOSH-certified N95 masks with your budget in mind as well as your safety.

The N95 masks are now back in stock and going for just $1.99 each in the white variety, with minimum orders at five masks and increasing by quantities of 10 from there.

Since the masks are disposable and single-use, ordering in bulk is a great move so you never run out of masks while on the go and always have a clean mask to wear.


So what do these acronyms even mean and why are they so important? To start with NIOSH, it stands for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and serves as a non-regulatory agency to best advise on health and safety regulations, such as what types of masks will best protect us against viruses and disease, according to the CDC website.

Moving on to the N95 part of the equation; what does that mean? The number simply refers to the minimum percentage of particles that the mask can filter out, with 95% being the minimum standard to pass.

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“These respirators filter out at least 95% of very small (0.3-micron) particles. N95 FFRs are capable of filtering out particles, including bacteria, viruses, and dust,” explains the CDC Respirator FAQ page.

To make sure their masks are up to all of the standards laid out by NIOSH and the CDC, the team at WellBefore tests the masks to be sure they pass as true N95 masks, as seen in the video above. To further test for filtration, in a recent Nelson Labs report for testing done on September 17, the WellBefore N95 Respirator Mask surpassed the minimum 95% with flying colors, showing an average of 99.712% filtration across three tests.

As with any mask however, filtration isn’t the only thing to keep in mind, as you also need a tight and secure fit to keep germs from slipping in and out of any gaps around your nose and mouth. Thats why the WellBefore masks have adjustable straps to make sure you have a secure fit, looping over your whole head to ensure this and also eliminate the annoying ear fatigue other ear loop masks can have.

A set of instructions with how to tighten a face mask

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